“Brit Girl”

feeling british.jpg

So guys this post is sponsoring the amazing Something New poses & Props- Pose set as part of the march group gift, This pose set is called Lost in music and comes with headphones, me being a british girl at heart, made me really get into this, im a dj in secondlife and real life and defo love a good old british classic, Below will be some close up of the 4 indivual pose set and some awesome credits.

something new-Lost in Music.jpg

Outfit: – CREATIVE STUDIO – Open Side Mini Dress Lara (British flag) 

Lips: Mad’ – British Lipstick [APPLIERS]

Hair: DOUX – Luxy hairstyle [Brunettes]

Head: Catwa Catya

Body: Maitreya Lara

Weekend has begun and im down with the flu!



Ardent Poses & More- ‘Aries girl’

So today im creating this amazing blog post in aid of all the ladies and gents who are aries babies, and being born in april classifies my birth sign is aries, the zodiac called ‘Ram’ so today im going to share with you a daily zodiac aka horoscope for todays date (21.03.2019) and lets see what magical things it will say.

‘How do you want today to go, Aries? That decision, more than what others bring to the table, will set the stage for your Thursday. But making the call maybe trickier than you realize, thanks to a confusing square between amiable Venus in your social sector and your ruler, Mars, in your house of emotional security. It’s possible that someone in your circle or on your work team undermines your confidence. You don’t have to expose yourself to that. Focus on your needs, and today, make choices based only on them.’ from https://www.elle.com/horoscopes/daily/a60/aries-daily-horoscope/

intresting as it is im going to share with you my real life birthday and ive always wondered what its like to fall as a aries, considering my real life partner is a pisces, i guess were compatiable haha. anyone todays blog is inspiring by the latest poses from Ardent poses & More, the set of womem poses called “aries” which can be found at

Zodiac – March 20th thru April 10th. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brookhurst%20Cove/64/246/3001

So i love the colour red lately and all the smoke machines i have in world helped me create this, absoultely in love with it check it out followed by some wicked credits.

Ardent poses- Aries.jpg

So ive decided to display the pack of poses just for you so you can see the different types, ideal for blogging.

part two- ardent aries poses.jpg

So lets go with the credits and if you havent followed the blog, then dont miss out on the amazing pics and epic ramberlings (giggles).


Outfit: Kaithleen’s Krakorka Jumpsuit – Nude @Kaithleens Mainstore

Hair: DOUX – Air hairstyle [FATPACK] @Doux Mainstore

Shoes: Phedora ~ Clelia Platforms (22 colors ) @Phedora Mainstore

Poses: Ardent Poses – Aries Female @Zodiac Event

Horns: glutz . ribbon horns @GLUTZ Mainstore

 Got some new tiffany design blogs coming you way this weekend so keep an eye open for them. Have a awesome weekend, mines just started Go me!

Love you all

Hayyz Heavenly


“God Is A Women!” #AdamsPhotoChallenge (subject: Music)

So guys heres alittle info on the amazing latest challenge by #AdamsPhotoChallenge

The theme for this challenge is Music.

Music can be so powerful. It can create many emotions, it can set the tone for any mood. Music can be used to escape, it can be used enhance a moment. Music can set the tone of a new beginning or it can be used to symbolise the end.

For this challenge I want you to incorparate music into your images.

The challenge is open to everyone!

Deadline for the challenge is Midnight SLT 7th April.

See the full rules in the comments section. Any questions, please do ask!

All the details of the challenge can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adam_lavell/40428896363?fbclid=IwAR1ZE90RTtKovoRyyIAHg3sJDPFz3nYs6RTI0BBIGUbczHEMOc6wE0zZj5A

So guys i bet your wanting to see what i came up with, well lately ive seen alot of SL Hair Creators use Ariana Grande as inspiration, and as she’s such an inspiring women, ive decided to recreat one scene from her “God Is a women!” Video on youtube, Ill show a snippet of the clip below and then follow by my creation which i might add freaking rocks! Hope you guys like it!


Recreation for the awesome #ADAMSPHOTOCHALLENGE:

God Is a Women- Ariana Grande remake #AdamsPhotochallenge.jpg


  • Using Reve Obscura Prop from one of his amazing poses “The weight” of a globe, i use this to help me get an idea of my pose needed
  • Using Anypose, i was able to adjust the legs and top part of the body to the way i wanted for the image,
  • Referencing the image, i bought a similar dress called “Crop top dress”
  • Using a wide range of tools i inputted the image into photoshop and began working on it
  • Getting Photoshop brushes i was able to create cloud effects and storm affects as well as using the lightining settings to create a upward dark light as seen in the clip.
  • Making final touches with the Burn and dodge tool to hightlight areas for detail.

Hope you guys like this awesome post and why not give it a go and take part, check flickr out for more details above.


Love you all

Hayyz Heavenly





‘Roses are red,Violets are blue’

So guys Happy saturday wherever your viewing this from, today im bringing you a collab from the lovely Avale & Moda…two of my amazing sponsors who create some amazing designs. So we are going to start with the amazing dress from Avale called the ‘Elly’ which comes in multiple colours…Check out the colour schemes below.

colour scheme.jpg

The dress comes fitted for all body types, and can be found @ Tres Chic Event and is at a  PROMO price (200$L)

elly dresses.jpg

Now my post is featuring the light colour dress by vale with the amazing Moda Roxi Platforms which comes with a changeable hud, using the brand new foxcity backdrop and poses for a matching design, check it out…

Avale-Elly (Maitreya)

Also featuring in this amazing blog is the lovely Heels from Moda called Shoes: ROXI STRAP PLATFORMS & HUD, comes with a multiple choice of colours and features, check out the close up with hud, there simply amazing!


 Some amazing content coming more tomorow but for now heres some awesome credits:

Dress:AVALE Elly – FATPACK (Maitreya) – Light @ Tres Chic Event

Tights: .:villena:. – Fishnet (tintable) @ Villena Mainstore

Hair: Magika – Penelope @ Magika Mainstore


Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Flutter (B&W) @ Foxcity Mainstore

Poses: FOXCITY. Sweet Bento Pose Set – But (Used- FOXCITY. Sweet-4) @ Foxcity Mainstore

Happy Sunday People!

Love Hayyz xox



So guys today’s blog is going to be a very short blog as im in one of them moods and as FB & All social media has been playing up, at least i can rely on the awesome wordpress for my blogs, So after a week off last week of doing nothing and no blogging, i am now slowly getting back on track which means more posts. There will be a massive blog coming by the weekend so watch out for that but this blog post is inspired by the new dress released by Avale- called the Bianca dress, and comes in so many colours that it definatly fits any kind of mood you might feel, as i have a thing for flowers and events i made a collab with a awesome backdrop by Foxwood – Fleur backdrop which comes in medium and large, if you love roses then this is your thing.


Heres some credits for you:

Hair: Stealthic – Intrepid (Browns) @ C88

Outfit: AVALE Bianca – FATPACK (Maitreya) @ Vanity Event

Backdrop: Foxwood – Fleur – Backdrop @ C88 (Febuary Round) https://www.flickr.com/photos/birdyfoxes/46969787082/in/dateposted/

Shoes: Moda- Rosalina Platforms with HUD @MODA Mainstore

This song was inspired by this blog, Check it out!…

Chris Brown – Undecided

Till Next time!

Hayyz Heavenly



+MB+ Rosalee Dress {Maitreya}

So guys and girls i have this amazing blog post that is going to take a lot of digesting, got alot of crediting to do but this was so special to do, as ive got some sad news for you guys, So MJN is no longer a sponsor but this blog is going to end on a happy note, i want to say a massive thank you to neveah for the consistent belief in my work and letting me be one of her amazing sponsors, so i leave you darling this amazing message because you’ve been an amazing sponsor to me since august last year, and some amazing blogs featured MJN Products, dont forget to check out her amazing new releases down at Skin Fair 2019, First she has created 3  new items, of course in love with them all, Check them out >>>Skin fair 2019 = Start:March 8 @ 12:00 am & End:March 24 @ 11:30 pm

First of this blog post is sponsored by my amazing sponsor MuggleBorn, absoutely love4 everything she makes, and all the kinds of styles you can have, defo in love…Thanks rosey! 

+MB+ Rosalee Dress {Maitreya} 1.jpg

So im so inspired by armities pose, and in ore over the amazing The bearded guy backdrops lately, who would of thought a halloween inspired backdrop would make this picture stand out! 

Featuring the brand new Dress by +MB+ Rosalee Dress {Maitreya} with a colour hud to change to whatever texture you want including style hud to change if you want cleavage open or closed.

Check it out > @ Whore Culture- 1st March Both check it out at the store and event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Flair%20for%20Events/27/169/22 DEMO INSTORE! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magik/203/216/22+MB+ Rosalee Dress {Maitreya}

Close up of the devilish eyes which i got from the amazing Magic Event >> eyes are by AG. Zucc Eyes – samples of the eyes are below.

magic eyes.jpg

Leading onto my amazing MJN Cosmetics at the skin fair coming 8th March 2019 which by the way you dont want to miss. Kicking it off with the amazing [MJN] Colour basics Shadow, comes in 5 shades, covering the eyes…love the colours usedEye shadow.jpg

Next….[MJN] Salvation metalic matte>>also comes with 7 different colours all changeable by hud, so metalic looking lipstick absoutely love.


and finally >> [MJN] Obessession Gloss, which comes in shiny glossy looking, 6 colours all changeable via the hud


[MJN] Obessession Gloss

So guys dont forget to go check out the amazing store via the MP >>MJN Cosmetics Marketplace

Damn didnt realise how much there was in this blog, I just love it….

Next the hair that was used .:EMO-tions.. *MEDUSA 2* -FATPACK and can be found at the amazing EMO-tions hair store

Backdrop by The Bearded Guy – Scary Night *RARE* Are You Scared? (can be found at the store, can by as a fatpack or gacha for 50Ls a go) 

and a trick with smoke, i bought a smoke machine called ‘TIS Smoke Machine’, and comes with a hud you can change the frequency, range and spread including the colours too, well neat idea.


.:EMO-tions.. *MEDUSA 2* -FATPACK


Pose that was used can be found at Equal10 > Amitie Movies From Dusk Till D. RARE As part of an amazing gacha set

Neveah thank you so much doll, not just a sponsor but an incredible women and friend, thank you ever so much, till the next time guys and girls….MJN has been incredible.

Till the next blog! 

have a good weekend!

Love you all 



Avale- Fleur Electro @ Cosmopolitan

Avale-Fleur Electro.jpg

So guys im so happy with the outcome for the amazing Avale Sponsor, i kinda went out of my comfort zone with this image, using things i thought i couldn’t and cant beleive how well i did, so one thing i went crazy about is the colour, the colour Blue makes pop, i took a gamble on the pose, the amazing amitie Pose ‘Dusk til dawn’ with the prop snake and i was like playing around the texture and damn i got it, the snake is changeable colour (comes as a faded yellow) and these amazing heels by Moda definately finished it off with the amazing colour hud matching the colours to the dress by avale….

So ive been super busy rl but last week i got time to go round some amazing events including ‘The World of Magic Event’, which is sooo themed with harry potter stuff i spent a great amount on lindens as im a HUGEEEEEEEEEE HP fan! so this backdrop i used was a harry potter themed backdrop with a beautiful deer, me being me derezzed it and had the amazing particles falling, this was the final touch to the image and i loveeeeeed Editing it! so complimenting the colours, i think i found royal blue to join the colours list of mine so first off it was yellow and now Blue. Let me know what you think im going to throw some credits at ya…..Thanks peeps! 

Check out the amazing colour range on the amazing Avale Fleur Dress and dont forget to check out the store for more >>>AVALE Mainstore

Avale- Fleur colour chart


Hair: Magika – Bad Habit @ Magika MAINSTORE
Outfit: Avale Fluer @ Cosmopolitan Event
Pose: Amitie Movies From Dusk Till D. RARE Gacha @ Equal10 Event
Glasses: e.marie // Harriet Round Frames – Dark Colors @ The World of Magic Event
Eyes: AG. Zucc Eyes – Fatpack @ The World of Magic Event
Backdrop:The Spell – Lovely Magic – The Bearded Guy @ The World of Magic Event

Im going to leave this amazing link to a awesome tune right below! 

I Am Blue – (Da Ba Dee) REMIX [AwesomiZer] || Electro House 💙

Have good night everyone! 

Love you all 

Hayyz Heavenly


Black & Yellow – MuggleBorn Blog

So guys bring you two amazing items from the amazing Muggleborn, with loads of selections and styles your going to be blown away, but lots of info on these amazing products, be sure to go grab them while you can, So today inspired me to play with the colours Black and Yellow and today has been full of some amazing things…ill skip right to it but dont forget to check all the credits for more info..

Mavis TankTop & Julliet Leggings.jpg

So starting with a brand new pose by Reve Obscura- *!R.O!* Polar BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Snow, and what i did was change the colour of the texture of the snowflakes of course to Yellow, grab this pose > Reve Obscura Pose Store and featuring two amazing items from the lovely MuggleBorn my amazing Sponsor.

+MB+ Julliet Leggings & +MB+ Mavis TankTop – Yellow, comes with a range of colours and styles, below are some detailed close ups of the items…

+MB+ Mavis TankTop with Holes and styles – Female, bulge, lifted & Erect

MavisTanktop (Holes).jpg

+MB+ Mavis TankTop (SOLID)- Female, bulge, lifted & Erect

Mavis tank top.jpg

Available @ Spectrum event OPEN Feb 05 – 1pm SLT – Event Opens – Feb 25 –  Event Ends http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Faerie%20Isle/187/207/2085

Dont forget to drop down by the store and check out the some of the amazing collection from MuggleBorn –+MuggleBorn+ Mainstore

+MB+ Julliet Leggings- 

+MB+ Julliet Leggings {Bloggers}.jpg

Same as the tanktops, comes with 4 different styles to whichever you fancy, very slick shine to them, great style..

These can be found @+MuggleBorn+ Mainstore . Brand New Item instore, Go grab it while you can.


Outfit: Mavis TankTop & Julliet Leggings By+MuggleBorn+ Mainstore

Shoes: Phedora ~ Clelia Platforms (22 colors ) @Phedora Mainstore

Hair: DOUX – Mona hairstyle [BASIC PACK] @Doux Mainstore

Glasses: Petrovic Reader glasses w/resizer yellow @Petrovic-Reader-glasses- Marketplace

Tune:Wiz Khalifa- Black & Yellow

 Have a awesome week, i will see you soon!

Hayyz Heavenly

AVALE Katy – FATPACK (Maitreya)

So guys At cosmopolitan we have the brand new release from Avale, my brand new sponsor, released a very pretty summery mood dress ideal for any creative mind, comes with several designs but all sold seperately or via fatpack, i love these because no matter which one i put on i could come up with an idea of a scene for it and normally i go blank when it comes to scenes but this one i sure as hell didn’t, Go me!

So got lots to show you guys, but first off my Main picture for this amazing item! Here goes! Avale- Katy With Moss and Mink combo.jpg

So me being me, a shopperholic i decided to head down to the amazing Moss & Mink Store and kinda ramsack her store with beautiful things including this really nice desk that can be found at Equal10, Comes in Black and Pink!…..i know right! So im wearing the lovely Owl Dress by Avale @ (Cosmo) and heels by Moda also one of my long time sponsors! Credits will be below!

Outfit: Avale Katy- Owl @ Cosmopolitan Event


Desk: {moss&mink} Mya Desk (Pink) @ Equal10 Event

Chair: {moss&mink} Nora chair @ Equal10 Event

Plant: {moss&mink} Plant – Ficus (White) @ Moss & Mink Mainstore

Desk items: Wednesday[+] ~ Photo Practice @ A+ Event

My Post (1).jpg

Avale: Katy Fatpack colour(S) @ Cosmopolitan

So as well the dress, shoes and the right decor i had to find the right makeup options and my amazing sponsor MJN just returned back from vacation and guess what shes done an amazing set of Vixen Eye liners that i think your love with a hint of colour, go check her out on Marketplace {MJN Cosmetics}, Here are the close ups of the amazing Vixen Liners

My Post.jpg

MJN-Vixen Liner available on Marketplace

So to conclude this blog, i have a headshot and close up of the item i work in the above photo for more detail, dont forget to check out the stores (Links Below) and thank you for your continued support, Thank you to Moss & Mink for the amazing decor, to my Sponsors Thank you for beleiving in me and supporting me!

Moss & Mink: Moss & Mink Store

MJN: MJN Store

Moda: MODA Store

Avale: AVALE Store

Avale- Katy Cosmo.jpg

Here are some Shots of the amazing decor, go grab yours while you can! Dont miss out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Find all HD Images – https://www.flickr.com/photos/hayyzphotographyedits/?

See you tomorow guys in the next Blog!




Ardent- Dame I With Lolly Lace

Well guys after submitting the post about ardent dame poses, i sadly had to redo it, if you didnt see the previous post check it out here >https://hayyzphotographyedits.wordpress.com/2019/02/10/ardent-poses-dame-i/

So Today was a frustrating day, not having a good internet connection to resubmit this post, so i got in touch with lolly about me needing to like cry or something because there was no way these poses were going to fit me due to me have a fat ass or something and it didnt matter how many times i changed my avi i was just growing fugly….And all she needed to say to me was ‘You got this’ she hopped over to my sim to give a girl a hand with the poses and honestly girl you are one lifesaver…….and i love chu!

Lolly has been a supporter, a friend and some i care about like hugely, this girl is simply irresistable and irreplaceable, Check her blog out >Lolly Lace Blog

So deciding to just rock the top and panties look, she and i rocked this as a dual team, me just making her look pretty, but girl you have no idea how beautiful you are.

Check out my resubmission of this amazing ardent pose set- Dame I at the Chapter Four event Feb. 4-28. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamlove/107/180/3801

Ardent- Dame I.jpg

i have so much to thank and owe lolly that this is beyond half how she is a amazing women and beleiver….*Huggies ya face*

Peace out Guys and gals, Have a awesome Week!

Love ya all

Hayyz xox


Ardent Poses- Gent I…With Adam Lavell

So Adam big shout out to you my amazing friend, of whom i had the pleasure of getting to know through his love of photography and his amazing #AdamsPhotochallenge, im such a lucky girl to have a supporting and kind friend like adam who does so much for others not just through his challenges but through his kind generosity and kindness, if your not friends with, then your defo missing out.

So with much consideration i asked the legend if he would love to feature in the new set of male single poses by ardent and of course he agreed, with just telling him what to wear he had it down to a tee, a perfect gent in a perfect gents suit….slick and stylish, while taking the images i decided to do a close up shot of him also in his very designer suit….he couldnt beleive i was a man u supporter either, i was quite surrpised he didnt bannish me or told me where to stick it, after much deliberation i decided to reconsider and said i would transgress to being a gunner fan…even though i dont watch the bloody football.. (what have i got myself in for) so releasing i was shooting his face more then i was shooting the pose itself he tped off to ‘Work afk’ when i missed one damn pose….what a twerp i was but he defo has patience like a saint.

Adam heres to you for being an amazing friend, supporter of everything i do and of course being super reem! (essex girl slang) you wont get it if your not british!.

Adam Lavell.jpg

Adam your a inspiration to many but a inspiration to me,  keep up the good work!

Where was i…..kinda giving him all the credit, so here goes guys, the brand new Gent I pose set by Ardent poses can be found >> The Chapter Four – Feb. 4-28. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamlove/107/180/3801

Gent i- Ardent Poses & More.jpg

Dont he look just dappa in that suit…….

Till Next blog > coming shortly

Take care guys

Hayyz xox

Ardent Poses- Dame I

Ardent -Dame 1.jpg

So guys bringing you the next edition of the latest release from Ardent Poses with a selection of Single women poses ideal for modelling and using to your advantage, These can be found at the event

The Chapter Four – Feb. 4-28. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamlove/107/180/3801

Very short blog but here are some credits ❤

Hair: DOUX – Audrey hairstyle [BASIC PACK] @Doux & L’tre Mainstore

Dress: Scandalize. ISABELLE. White Found @Scandalize Mainstore

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cheys%20Cove/108/111/22

Dont forget to check out the mainstore for more amazing things >>

Ardent Poses & More Mainstore

Thanks Peeps till next edition

Have a good one xox



Valentines day- Ardent Poses Style

So guys im bringing this blog to you because something amazing happened and guess what your never beleive it, Ardent Poses and More Just released three new valentine day inspired poses to the Brand New event by Pose fair- pop up Valentines Round, not only did i get selected to be an ardent blogger but also get to model these amazing poses ideal for any couple.

Pop-Up Pose Fair – Valentine’s Edition – Feb. 7 12noon SLT thru Feb. 14 >>

Pop-Up Pose Fair – Valentine’s Edition

So im getting in the mood of valentines day and what a way to start it early than to use such a sweet but sensual pose…Heres more >>

Ardent but its mine.jpg

So location was key to finding the right spot for the pose and guess what none other than the amazing Kristi- Owner of southern roots who has cattered for some of the most amazing scenic scenes you can possible dream about in the name of valentines day…Girl you definatly did us proud! So if you havent been to the sim i suggest you take a look and decide for yourself and its a great way to meet photographers and artists all doing the same thing. Check it out >>Southern Roots

The Lovely TJ was my model for this pose and to me it seems like he wants to steal my chocolates, But guess what Mr There mine *Giggles* anyway thank you for being an awesome model and credits go out to you.

Here is another set of amazing angles for the pose:

But its mine 2.jpg

Scene in which i took the image >>>

Southern roots Scene.jpg

So guys grab those poses and share the love this valentines Day

New Sponsor- +MuggleBorn+

So guys brand new week and just recieved some good news RL and im gonna hopefully be better in the next couple weeks, but for now im going to leave you with my latest blog post in aid of my new sponsor MuggleBorn, i was so overwhelmed because not only has my work been recognised but i also feel now i have self beleif and confidence in myself that i can achieve anything i want.

Going to give you some Credits…..and hope you guys have an awesome week.Thank you to each and everyone of you who follows me already.

+MB+ MyMermaid Shorts.jpg


So i decided to take on a special trick that is done in my amazing supportive girl, lollys blog with some close up shots of the items.Check out her latest blog post right here. >>>Lollys Blog<<<.

Dont forget to check out this and more at the mainstore >>>+MuggleBorn+ Store

muggle (1)

Hair: #5{Limerence} Mermaid hair-Colour1
Headband:#9{Limerence} Mermaid headband-Light pack
Collar: +MB+ Teeny Choker UPDATED
Top: [Canimal] Comet Mermaid
Face Makeup: :: ANTAYA :: Mermaid scales makeup HUD applier & .::DEAR PRUDENCE::. Belle Mermaid Makeup


+MB+ MyMermaid Shorts (Comes in 5 different views)

+MB+ Teeny Choker

Enter Collar: +MB+ Teeny Choker UPDATED – Close Up

Thanks all…See you in the next Blog Post

Hayyz Heavenly


Brand New Sponsor- Avale

So guys i have some good news, i got chosen for an amazing sponsor, i was so overwhelmed by being selected and ive got some amazing content coming that has helped me improve so much. Now ive been addicted to the colour yellow and sunflowers for a number of weeks and decided to inspire myself even more by making my own custom backdrop.>>> MESH CHOCKER_002

Now using the botanical sunflowers they really set the mood for the image> So here goes guys, Credits to follow….

Avale completed Blog


Dress: AVALE Hela – FATPACK (Maitreya) @ UniK 7th Feb

<a href=’https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/UniK/126/123/3001′>UniK Event</a>

Earrings: [MANDALA]TEMPURA Tassel Earring -GOLD
Nose ring: [Dreamlight] Septum Diamond Ring
Nails: Ascendant – Electrifying Neon Nails 03
Necklace: Sunflower Necklace ()
Hair : DOUX – Debevec hairstyle [Brunettes]
lIPSTICK: Mad’ – Kiss Lipsticks [Reds] [APPLIERS]
Pose: shi.s.poses BENTO Sunflower #1-5 – Sunflowers included

backdrop: Custom Made with :

.Bee designs:. Sunflowers Garden Gacha Table
.Bee designs:. Sunflowers Garden Gacha Cart RARE
.Bee designs:. Sunflowers Garden Gacha Bench RARE
.Bee designs:. Sunflowers Garden Gacha Bucket 1
{what next} Sunflowers Bicycle Decor (boxed)

FOXCITY. K-POP Star 2. (7) DNA – Yellow (Common) (Rez)
Botanical – Sunflower Set v3


HD:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/hayyzphotographyedits/40004246333

Hands Up For Your Colors!


So guys, this post is about me overcoming hurdles and disappointment in my recent rejections, and you know what i don’t see it as a negative, but i see this as a way forward for me, what with being unwell RL and battling struggles i’ve faced recently. Now the color Yellow has stood out for for a number of days now and i even got out the house realife for thje first time in over a week to get my nails done and i got them painted yellow….It’s the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring.

With this being said i want to reach out to one special person who told me to take the rejections as a learning curve, be strong and keep doing what i do best and what i love to do, Lolly Lace you amazing women i want to personally thank you for everything you do, being that one special person who has not only given me courage and strength but been a amazing friend, check out her amazing blog & Flickr she is simply amazing in everyway >>>>>Lolly Lace Flickr & Blog

So lately ive had alot of people ask me about my works, what my abilities are and how far i can see through a difficult challenge, and recently ive been targetted to do Mesh Signs & Product Photography (Coming soon) and being part of an amazing Photography studio with multi talented photographers in secondlife, ive grown competitive and i love it when im hit a road sign and cant go anywhere i find a way to deal with it and overcome it…im loving life right now besides my uneasy RL being unwell but we only give our best….Going to Drop these credits and hope to see you in the next one, Peace xoxo

1.[MJN] Jan 2019 {GroupGift}
2. [VALE KOER] BOW WEDGES YELLOW @ <a href=’http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KOREA/118/127/2001′>ValeKoer Mainstore</a>
3. .miss chelsea. Ulla Jeans Classic @ <a href=’http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uber/138/129/27′>UBER</a&gt;
4. .miss chelsea. Ulla Top Yellow @ <a href=’http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uber/138/129/27′>UBER</a&gt;
5. [PUMEC] – Valentine’s day Gift ❤ Mesh Ears @<a href=’http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rave/164/180/22′>PUMEC Mainstore</a>
6. EVERMORE. [baxter – glasses] – Yellow @ <a href=’http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oblivion/197/182/802′>Evermore Mainstore</a>
7.-SU!- Livana Bento Nails 09 (MAITREYA) COMMON
8.-SU!- Livana Bento Rings (MAITREYA) RARE
9.PUNCH / Nose Ring @ <a href=’http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vistas%20Downtown/151/209/22′>PUNCH Mainstore</a>
10. S.E CATWA+OMEGA FINE GOLD HAIRBASE BROWN @ <a href=’http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stone%20Diamond/173/107/2001′>Studio Exposure Mainstore</a>

Tune: <a href=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6E9R9qv1No’>Jason Derulo – Colors</a>

Hayyz Heavenly

Saturday Nights!

Happy weekend everyone, Bringing you this ramble because thats how i roll for being Miss Reem (If you didn’t know i was from Essex), So i’m bringing this post because its the weekend and you know what that means, endless blogging and Photo taking, so this pose i bought from SensePoses caught my eye, I own so many of there poses and they always catch my eye at events, i would love to blog for them, hopefully in the future i will get that chance but as of now im open to challenge myself, since changing new jobs RL ive been able to have more time to blog and take some work.

I was invited last year because of my amazing work to a photo studio in second life and i was given this amazing opportunity to take pictures of amazing people as well doing what i do best and at CATP (Cuore Alla Tante) bringing people together with the works of photography and art. They are hiring and looking for creative individuals to be with us, fancy it get in touch with me via Sl (Hayyz Resident) or via FB Hayyz Heavenly – FB 

Shax (aka Munchkin, But He doesn’t know it yet LOL!) He helped me feel welcome in CATP and building friendships was amazing, he was blessed enough to when i asked him would he help me with a pose of course he wanted to, watch out men this ones Single, amazing friend, Supporter of work and lovely colleague to work with, so Shax Thanks sweetie for helping me you absolute LEGEND! Its a beautiful thing he lives in the UK and can even understand my Lingo!

Here goes:

Tune>>>>>> Khalid – Saturday Nights

Midnight dance.jpg

{Midnight Dance}

Pose: ::SenseS:: Couple 170


Catwa Catya @ Catwa

Maitreya Lara @ Maitreya

Hair: KUNI / Aya (v1.3) (Brown Palette) By KUNI

Outfit: [VALE KOER] Essential Underwear (white) By Vale Koer

Hoodie: Addams // Hilda Crop Hoodie Rolled Up // N*1 By Addams Mainstore


Signature Gianni Body By Signature Body Mainstore

Catwa Daniel Head @ Catwa

Riot Johnson Briefs – White @  RIOT

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Blue Hair @ Tableau Vivant

Find Shax on Flickr – کիɑх Đαġġεɾ Čợɾε & Myself – Hayyz Heavenly Photography

Got an Questions or want to know my private price list please contact me, Until soon


Hayyz Heavenly



January……well urm Busy!

So guys wanted to wish you a late Happy new Year, been rather busy going back to rl work but decided to get in touch and show you what ive been up to this past two week, lot of blogging if you have followed me on Flickr your see all my work, for now ill get straight to the point, Blogging for Something new poses was a privilege and im super blessed with the poses, some amazing creations by ally and here this blog is about childhood memories.

Now i dont know if any of you peeps know about the space-hopper, the bouncy ball that you have handles with and you bounce on it, a childhood toy i used to play in the playground with, well ally is so creative that it came to her in a dream and decided to create it, ive always been amazed how to make poses and i give her full credit, here you go guys, picture this as you a child in a playground in nursery, definitely brings back memories

Thank you Ally xox

Something New Poses and Props Promo

SN Promo “Spacehopper”

Now i had so much fun that i will share the links to the pose and the groups Flickr, Group gift in store available now so grab it while you can!

STORE: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yawgoo/23/63/1201

spacehopper group gift for january instore nowgroup gift for january instore now 3group gift for january instore now 2group gift for january instore now 1

Got more releases on the way keep in touch and find me on fb right here >>>>>> https://www.facebook.com/hayley.drew.50

see you soon Hayyzy Fans!


Merry Christmas Supporters!

First of MERRY CHRISTMAS wishing you a very special day full of joy and love with your loved ones, this is my christmassy day blog and im sharing with you some stuff from new blog sponsor, Drum roll please……..La Bella Boutique, who took me on, want to say a massive thank you for taking me on as one of your new bloggers, cannot wait to grow with every product you make, so i decided to do something creative and thats make it christmassy enough to show off my body, but i defo hate the cold, you wouldn’t get me wearing something like this in RL.




Lipstick can be found at the store: @ La Bella Boutique

Tis the Season!

{LBB} Snowbunny Outfit This outfit has: – Dress + 12 Texture HUD – Shoes + 16 Texture HUD – Panties + 13 Texture HUD All items come for the following sizes: Maitreya, Slink (Hourglass and Physique), Belleza (Venus, Isis, Freya) Shoes with the following sizes: Maitreya, Belleza and Slink

HD Versions available right here:

Taken at BackdropCity: : BackdropCity Winter

Have a Great day everyone

Love you all

Hayyz Heavenly

Last Minute Shopping!

So This blog post is about how most people leave last minute shopping for presents at Christmas, and guess what im the one who has left it to last minute (Now not normally the last to finish) but this year has been a rocky road for me and this post has helped me develop so many different skills over the year. This Setup was created by myself with the lovely Help from the amazing Picklicious (Lolly Lace) Check out her blog right here <<Blog!>>, she came to my rescue with this amazing set from the awesome <<Moss&Mink>>  

Decor : {moss&mink} All that Glitters from FaMESHed Go 

Christmas shop: 1_Sese – Christmas shop RARE (part of Gacha)

Fireplace: :DH: Christmas White Fireplace


BellePoses – Natacha: @ BellePoses

Location: Hayyz Heavenly Photography Studio

Inside Decor:

MossnMink(1)MossnMink (2)


Outside decor:

Swallow Tree: ^^Swallow^^ Christmas Tree HD 0.1

Last Minute Shopping {1}

Outfit: Shoopping is fun

  1. Hair: #Foxy – Teddy Hair (Browns) :@ Kustom9
  2. [Canimal] Storm Leggings Grey : @ Canimal >> 
  3. [Canimal] Storm Sweater White : @ Canimal >> 
  4. *COCO*_FurryBoots_Black: @ COCODESIGNSMy Post (1)

So from Hayyz Heavenly Photography, i want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting me over the last year, Merry Christmas guys and gals and Happy New Year! See you in 2019!

Love you all

Hayyz Heavenly

Heavenly Photography

#12 Queen Diva!

Blog 12

So I know its been a while but I have some amazing News……So ive been selected as a artist at the amazing Core Abrello Photography studios, taking your image professionally, and im super excited, but secondly its my 2nd rez day on Friday and I am super blessed ive stayed in and made some amazing friends and family during this period of my life, you are what keeps me going.



1. .:villena:. – Destroyed Mom Jeans – Light Blue
2. .:villena:. – Tank Crop Top – Gray
3. .:villena:. – Tied Sweatshirt + Shirt – White
5. Eliya.K – Diva choker pack
6. MJN~ [MJN] CloseUp Shadow {Fatpack}
7. Magika – Love

Pose: *!Reve.Obscura* Artist with mesh spray can!

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Backdrop%20City/164/148/2447

Cool KidsNEW PIC

Above are some portrait images i captured while doing this blog, keep an eye out for my second rez day blog coming tomorrow just before the big day! too excited


Hayyz Heavenly

Gacha, Gacha & More!

So its been a long time Heavenly Fans, well guess what im bringing you nothing but gacha gallore, So who out there loves Gachas, i sure do, the luck of the draw and the Lindens i spend well…….i’m a big shopper and love fashion and these are some amazing Gacha sets you could win @MODA.

In this Episode we have Gachas both from amazing Moda Shoes, we have the Street Chic Outfit Gacha & We have Classic Lady Gacha, i have blogged both just for you guys and i absolutely love them….


Firstly: The Classic Lady Gacha 

MODA~ classic Lady Gacha.jpg

In this outfit im currently wearing: 

  • Hair: Eliavah ~ Tsukuyomi Hair [Blondes]

Location: BackDropCity : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Backdrop%20City/161/152/1786

★ MODA for PocketGacha ★ CLASSIC LADY OUTFIT! FOR: SLINK PHYSIQUE/HOURGLASS BELLEZA VENUS/ISIS/FREYA MAITREYA LARA STARTS @ 7AM SLT! GET YOUR FREE HUD AT MODA or POCKETGACHA HEADQUARTERS! ★MODA: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MODA/137/149/27 ★POCKETGACHA: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PocketGacha/41/223/1117 ★FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/moda_designs/ ★FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MODAbyEONLA/


Secondly: Street Chic Outfit

Street Chic Outfit (gacha) MODA

In this outfit I’m Wearing: 

  • Hair: =DeLa*= “Kirsty” (Blondes)
  • Accessories: Choker: Double Choker! mesh

Location: BackDropCity : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Backdrop%20City/161/152/1786

★ MODA for PocketGacha ★ STREET CHIC! FOR: HOURGLASS – MAITREYA – ISIS – FREYA STARTS @ 7AM SLT! GET YOUR FREE HUD AT MODA or POCKETGACHA HEADQUARTERS! ★MODA: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MODA/137/149/27 ★POCKETGACHA: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PocketGacha/201/139/2001 ★FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/moda_designs/ ★FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MODAbyEONLA/

Both Gachas are available for collection on Marketplace

Thanks everyone, Happy Halloween!

Hayyz Heavenly

Life Gives you Lemons!

So this blog is about me getting to where i am today, and i never thought it would be physically possible to be a blogger not just for one sponser but for all my amazing supported sponsers, This is more a credit to them and i’ve grown with every post, i do hope you enjoy this one, because MODA is one of my all time favourate shoe sponsers Ever! Kimberly and I met in a club at one of my amazing dj sets and i was wearing one of her pairs of shoes and she kindly dropped me a sweet message saying the shoes look great, Great outfit and at this point i had no clue who she was but when i quickly perved her profile i saw she was the MODA owner and at that point i was wearing a very special pair of her boots that had been released in a event, and since that day ive been a blogger ever since for her and her work is amazingly good and i take my hat off to her for her style and No matter what gets thrown at her she has always given 110% back.

So Kimberly thank you so much for taking the time to create some amazing works and allowing me to be apart of your amazing bloggers, for having the faith in me.

So following up from my last blog >>https://hayyzphotographyedits.wordpress.com/2018/10/14/nerds4lifey-moda-blog/

MODA Released a longer version of the Briana work boots and im in absolute ore over them and i hope you guys think so too.

Moda Brianna work boots (long)


Body: Maitreya Lara

  Maitreya Store

Head: Catwa Catya

. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CATWA%20Store/150/242/22










Astralia Compatible Mesh Nail System (Slink)


HD Version: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hayyzphotographyedits/30444533137/in/dateposted-public/

Thank you once again to all my amazing supporters, Dont forget to check out the HD Version upon my Flickr, And if you havent followed me already, Follow for a Follow Back!



Moda Work Boots

Models: Hayyz Heavenly & Cherrie

Part 1 of “Nerds4life”


* AnaStyle Jaynei (Cute & Boss)

Pose: Foxcity “Ale i need is U” Bento Pose


Shoes: Moda BrianaWork Boots 

{Available at @BlackFair }


Hair: Stealthic Jealousy (Blonde)
Location: Backdrop city



Moda Work Boots W/t HUD

Hayyz &amp; Cherrie (Blog)

So i decided to go live on FB showing the technique i use to edit my pictures 

{Finished version above}

Can be found right here >>> https://www.facebook.com/hayley.drew.50/videos/2253693131532184/

Thanks guys and gals

Hayyz Heavenly Photography


“Beneath the Flesh” #adamsphotochallenge

Soooooooo Creepy get ready for this……

“Beneath the flesh” ~ Hayyz Heavenly Photography

Second entry for the amazing Monthly Challenge ~ #adamsphotochallenge 

If you don’t know anything about it then i’ll include some information below for you guys to take part

adams photo challenge ~ beneath the flesh.jpg

Slideshow of the outcomes that progressed in Photoshop

Me exploring with different techniques in Photoshop, that ive never tried before 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Amazing Sim Pictures i took included~ merging the two together, using different wind lights

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miller%20Creek/156/155/2003

INFO: 43599505_647062932357693_6431780776357920768_n

Thanks everyone 🙂 

Hayyz Heavenly Photography

Creepy As Hell! Halloween

So I bet you’re wondering why its been so quiet here, well guess what it’s another round of the amazing #AdamsPhotoChallenge This month for Halloween and is taking place across the amazing Sim, So were getting in the spirit of Halloween, The day Of Creepy As Hell Stuff including the outfits.

{Southern Roots}: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miller%20Creek/156/155/2003

If you’ve never taken part in the amazing challenge, well you know what that means, you got a chance to get involved and take part with some amazing Prizes up for Grabs including an awesome Photoshoot from Me, Myself and I.

This is my second Halloween In Secondlife and I remember my very first, i had just started in Secondlife, Building my very first Photostudio Inspired by Halloween, Want a shock at how far ive come, show you a picture of what i looked like a year ago on Halloween compared to now and ill let you decide: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So Moving on swiftly after I spend 30 mins just finding these damn pictures, this was my very first Halloween Shoot and now look at me, Take a look

Halloween comparison.jpg

I wouldn’t of ever thought id get this good and the confidence and the ability to become better i never gave up, and to you all for the amazing support on Flickr, watching me grow into this amazingly talented women

Bet your thinking, Just Get on with it~ here is the amazing Entries with Full Credits below for The #AdamsPhotochallenge, Hope you Guys Like

Exchange for your heart~ adams photochallenge.jpg

“Exchange of the heart”

Outfit: Gacha ~ Cureless+ Anatomic Doll~ Rare Organ System

Face: Cureless Gacha Scar Tissue ~ Smile Omega Applier
Hands: Anointed Hands By Cureless+~ Cogulated Maitreya
Eyes: Cureless+ Seeress Eyes {Fatpack}
Cureless+ Undereye Lines & Eyeliner
Hair : Nani~ Nehelenia Gift {Fatpack} (Red)
Tattoo: “sl” Drops Of Blood Tattoo

Pose: !*R.O*!Heart Taker with Mesh Dagger

Add on~ Cureless+ Valentines Heart (Group Gift)

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miller%20Creek/156/155/2003

{evil as they come}

“Evil As They Come”

Outfit: Gacha ~ Cureless+ Anatomic Doll~ Rare Organ System

Face: Cureless Gacha Scar Tissue ~ Smile Omega Applier
Hands: Anointed Hands By Cureless+~ Cogulated Maitreya
Eyes: Cureless+ Seeress Eyes {Fatpack}
Cureless+ Undereye Lines & Eyeliner
Hair : Nani~ Nehelenia Gift {Fatpack} (Red)
Tattoo: “sl” Drops Of Blood Tattoo

Pose: !*R.O*!Heart Taker with Mesh Dagger

Add on~ Cureless+ Valentines Heart (Group Gift)

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miller%20Creek/156/155/2003


Evil as they come

“Evil As They Come/Close Up”

Outfit: Gacha ~ Cureless+ Anatomic Doll~ Rare Organ System

Face: Cureless Gacha Scar Tissue ~ Smile Omega Applier
Hands: Anointed Hands By Cureless+~ Cogulated Maitreya
Eyes: Cureless+ Seeress Eyes {Fatpack}
Cureless+ Undereye Lines & Eyeliner
Hair : Nani~ Nehelenia Gift {Fatpack} (Red)
Tattoo: “sl” Drops Of Blood Tattoo

Pose: !*R.O*!Heart Taker with Mesh Dagger

Add on~ Cureless+ Valentines Heart (Group Gift)

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miller%20Creek/156/155/2003


Happy Halloween From Hayyz Heavenly Photography!

Freaky Friday! Blog

Happy Friday everyone, time to get our countdowns out and get ready for the big spooky month of October….you know what that means….Halloween and im a month early…..Oh Well! It’s Fun!

So here is some amazing works from the awesome MJN By Neveah, My amazing sponsor and such a credit to the world of SL. She has invented for the very occasion with her awesome Halloween collection….Started from my Previous Blog, this keeps on getting better and better.

Halloween is much more than trick or treat, sharing sweets, Throwing eggs at houses, its about dressing up the part, looking the part and having fun and I hope in this blog your see how creative I got with it. This was awesomely fun to put together, Take a look for yourself.


MJN Halloween Eyes (catwa)

MJN ~ Halloween Eyes (catwa only) 


Outfit: CURELESS[+] Cadavre Exquis / GROUP GIFT



Hair:  L’Emporio ::*Mesmira*:: Hair 

Hair Piece: 

Belle Epoque { Halloween Queen } Headpiece

Hand Peices: 

Astralia – Skeleton Hand + Add-on + nails (maitreya)


esop! ♡ Halloween 6 Pack

Figures (on shoulder and Hand) – 


Join the awesome CURELESS GROUP FOR 99LS and visit the store for the group gifts, you wont be disappointed (I promise) 

Link: secondlife:///app/group/0a5ec5f1-7676-1250-10dc-66ca7072b1ea/about

Thanks guys, dont forget if you have Flickr and Not following me, drop me a follow for a follow back. Nearly at 900 follows……Prizes to be given away at 1000 Followers to everyone! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hayyz Heavenly~ HHP

Halloween Is For The Strong, Not the weak!

So guys, its been a long time since i posted anything but you know what that means plenty more time before Halloween season, but its already begun…

So I remember as a kid we used to go trick or treating and I am Such a Big Kid these days that even at aged 25 i still think of all the Halloween memories of dressing up and knocking on peoples doors with my Big Bro and shouting “Trick or Treat” well that inspired me to get creative with the new MJN~ Hallouinin Blog #102, The lovely Neveah created a range of awesome Halloween stuff and im going to share with you some freaky things, i am not once to celebrate Halloween but because its second life, Time to start early than late…Thanks to everyone so far who has supported me through my blog and Flickr

So Here goes…..


MJN~ Hallouinin Blog #102


MJN Hallouinin (catwa only)~  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MJN-Hallouinin-Catwa/15579854


L’Emporio. Gothic Hair

Hair Rigged Mesh gothic style
Available only with goth colors
contain :
1 Hair rigged + 1 Hair Unrigged
1 HUD with 12 Colors + 1 Resize HUD for Unrigged Hair.

Am I Freaky Enough!

So I’m a super *!R.O!* reve Obscura Pose Hoarder and with this pose, Backdrop city and Outfit by VIPS Creations, i think this makes me super spooky and i’d defiantly run if i saw me aha..

Pose: *!R.O!* Dark Magic BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Spell Book~ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RO-Dark-Magic-BENTO-Pose-w-Mesh-Spell-Book/12941135

Outfit: VIPS Creations {Lady Skull} ~  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vips-Creations-Female-Outfit-Lady-Skull-Halloween-dress-Halloween-Outfit-Gothic-Outfit/9837379

Location: Backdrop City

mjn &amp; rosary halloween theme

MJN & Rosary Halloween Blog Post #102

Credits & HD: https://www.flickr.com/…/…/42937906760/in/dateposted-public/

MJN & Shai K. Rose 
Get your very own in time for Halloween, amazing collab by the awesome MJN and Rosary


All My latest Blogs and Photography can be found on my blog and Flickr……Nearly at 1000 Followers Lets do This! 

Happy Early Halloween!

Hayyz Heavenly

Ps…Hope this doesnt give you Nightmares! if it does well #Sorrynotsorry

Blogging…Blah Blah Blah

Before i start i want to say a big thank you to all my amazing Sponsors in Secondlife, Don’t forget to check them out 

Brand New Set of blogs coming your way Folks…and here is the first.

Hayyz ~ Joint Collab ~ Tiffany Designs &amp; Moda Morgan Shoes

Estella Dress By ::Tiffany Designs::

Dress contains A set of Luxurious Jewelry~ Deka earrings, Bracelets and Necklace and a Fit mesh Shawl

Other Accompanying Items

Hair: #Foxy Mondaze
Shoes~ Moda Morgan with HUD
Location: Storybook ~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Storybook/116/74/22
Make up~ MJN Summerdaze

With collab from the amazing MODA Shoes

See Flickr for HD Image and to follow me 

Estella Dress By :Tiffany Designs::

Thanks everyone 

Hayyz Heavenly 

“On the Road Again”

Have you ever felt like you always constantly moving in the world of sl, never knowing where to fit in, or where to stay, well join the club, i love it when a set of images can tell a story beyond how your feeling….I have never felt so out of place than i have in sl in the recent weeks.

Hayyz~ Travel Story part 1

Do not let anyone tell you, you cant do what you want, dont let the haters push you to the point of leaving or to the point of breaking point, your Sl is what you make it, your in charge of your destiny and love and enjoy every moment regardless if its your end.

Hayyz~ Travel Story part 2

The story is never ending, live life to the fullest~ Hayyz Heavenly Photography


Model: Hayyz Heavenly

 Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miller%20Creek/135/164/24

Pose: !*RO!* Poses~ Travel with mesh Suitcase


Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBN86y30Ufc

1: Strap top {white}
2. Split Denim Shorts

:Tiffany Designs: Ashley Mesh shoes

MJN: Glamour Freckles
Sintiklia: Jocelyn Blonde With Hat

Thank you so much for all your continued support, and remember when life gives you lemons, Make Lemonade!


ts~ shannon collection

         {TS~ Shannon Collection Fatpack}

Stunning Satin Ballgown ~ Slink-Maitreya EXP
5 standard FM Sizes

Bright On/Off option Each pack comes with 2 Versions
Satin & Brocade

Bonus in all packs
Kyra Black Lingerie Set
Bra,Panties,Stockings & Gloves
Omega Appliers & Sysytem Layers

Available in 10 Vibrant colours


Flowers: Made the amazing Satomi ~ as part of Foxcity Flowers Bento pose set

This is the moment in my SL life where i have been blessed to meet some incredible people, and amazing creators not just to blog for but become good friends with, ive always been open for challenges and this is a massive challenge for me because there is some elegant dresses that Tori has created that have made my jaw drop, Girl if your reading this, you are simply amazing and thank you for accepting me to be able to blog for you…

Toris dress ~ Mythical Serenity

{TS~ Bridal Kay Collection} 

Simple & Elegant

Kay Bridal Collection~ Full bodied mesh Gown
White PearlDrop necklace
White Pearl Bracelets
Jewel Gloves
Lace Veil
Earring set
Add-on Rockocko Skirt

Available in➩white Pearl

Flowers: Made the amazing Satomi ~ as part of Foxcity Flowers Bento pose set


This image i am super blessed to of won Tori’s Best Dressed Prize 2000L as part of the amazing Adams Photo Challenge, So a big thank you to everyone who supported me, and well done to all the winners.

Please see HD versions of all my amazing blog works right here on my Flickr and please continue to show your amazing support to this blog and if there is something you want to see or feature here, please contact me via my FB or Email…Details below

FB: https://www.facebook.com/hayley.drew.50

FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/people/hayyzphotographyedits/

Email: Hayley.Drew@outlook.com

Thanks everyone 

Hayyz Heavenly Photography


Mythical Cinderella Serenity~ #AdamsPhotochallenge

Hayyz #lazy daze

So last month i heard everyone talking about this photo challenge and me being me, was Like “Oh wow” not being the most confident or most open about sharing my work with others but sharing my work on Flickr has its perks, So taking it in my stride i came across this amazingly talented friend called Adam, My papa and aunt angel said Hit him up and take part…So i Did….

July 2018~ Challenge was Lazy Daze (See above picture) beach summer scene, So entering into the challenge was a personal achievement not only for the contest but also for a confidence boost. I was super excited when i submitted my picture for the very first time but also take part in a Secondlife Worldwide contest amongst amazing artists and creators.

Showcasing my work was a blessing, at the end of the month Adam put on a presentation, a freaking amazing party for all the contestants and there works of art, It was a pleasure to engage with others who took part in this challenge and of course we was all super excited about the video, the release of all the pictures in one amazingly long video……Heres the Link: 


Pressing that Play Button was amazing and then what hit me with a lot of emotion was the amazing Adam had selected my picture for the very first entry, I will forever be touched by that moment. My work wasnt just recognised adam but also fellow artists in secondlife, It’s such a great wide movement to support such amazing talent, That was the icing on the cake for me! 

This Month of august we have Mythical Serenity “Come what May!” which means come and visit the sim and allow your mind to be inspired by the amazing scenes

For those who want to take part~ deadline for entries is 19th August 2018

                Visit : 


So to me the sim is full of photography and scenic views and decided to name my piece of work “Have you always wanted to be a princess, I have!” and i was inspired by Disney and mythical scenes collided together in one hit!

My mind captivated the thoughts of the scene and after spending 2 hours at the sim exploring and wandering around I decided to dress up as Cinderella, One little thing Secondlife Is what we make it and i had fun being a princess for the day! 

I want to thank the lovely Adam Lavell for organising this challenge and captivated artists together as one, a big thank you to the amazing creators of my amazing outfit and finally a big thank you to my amazing supporters


  • Adam Lavell: #AdamsPhotoChallenge Organiser
  • Rachiie Resident: Mythical Serenity Owner
  • Outfit:  *Lamu, :glutz:, Dappa, Foxcity, No.Match Hair, AdoreZ, Luas Alice
  • Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mythical%20Serenity/9/37/25

{promo} adams photo challenge

{Mythical Cinderella Serenity} Photo Challenge.jpg

Please see Final Shot work for the contest right here ~ HD Version via Flickr: 


Please share with your friends and get involved

Thanks everyone

Hayyz Heavenly 

{Owner of Hayyz Heavenly Photography}


Money Doesnt Grow On Trees!

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping!

So I bet you wondering what inspired me for this set pose and backdrop, Well i sure do…..Recently i went through a breakup in SL, and sometimes its hard to find happiness straight after, so i Grabbed my Lindens in My hand and went shopping, Might seem super weird why but Shopping isnt about finding something you like and buying it, to me its Therapy, Being able to find happiness in something and i love how creators and Sponsers do these events, it inspires me to be the best i can be no matter how im feeling.

Shopping Vibes #1
                               Titled : Shopping Vibes #1   
Shopping Vibes

       Titled: Rich Bish!

Lindens cannot buy you happiness, or comfort…But what it can do is make you open your eyes and see the endless possibility’s these products can give you, being a blogger and a artist not only RL  but in SL you take pride in others work and create your own style and for that id like to thank The amazing @Foxcity https://www.facebook.com/FOXCITYSL/ For the amazing Backdrop and Pose set, They can be found at Vanity Event….Get them before there gone

Credits :

  1. https://www.facebook.com/FOXCITYSL/ ~ Wicked Bento Poses with Mesh Trolley & Woxcity Backdrop
  2. Hair~ https://www.facebook.com/NavyandCopperSL/ Souffle Blonde
  3. Make Up By PumeC~ https://www.facebook.com/pumec.enchante.chain/~ Lipstick Pack #1 For Catwa
  4. Body: Maitreya Lara
  5. Head: Catwa Catya
  6. Accessories~ Punch Nose: Can be found at the in world Store  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vistas%20Downtown/151/209/22A

A big thank you to everyone who has continued to support me through my blogging and,Please see all my latest works on my flickr right here~ https://www.flickr.com/photos/hayyzphotographyedits/

Hayyz Heavenly

Photographer & Blogger